Paramount acquired movie rights to The Associate, Shia LeBeouf to play the title role

Paramount Pictures has picked up Shia LaBeouf to play the title role in their adaptation of John Grisham’s upcoming legal thriller “The Associate,” which the studio has just acquired rights to.

The novel won’t be published until January 2009, but that hasn’t stopped Paramount from snapping up the rights with Lorenzo di Bonaventura to produce.

LaBeouf will play a student who’s about to graduate from Yale Law School when he’s manipulated into accepting a job at a prestige law firm and given privileged information about a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.

Grisham’s longtime rep, David Gernert, shopped the book by giving it to four producers. While some felt that lessened the book’s chances to find a suitor in a tight marketplace, the strategy worked.

Paramount-based Di Bonaventura, who as an executive worked on the Grisham films “A Time to Kill” and “The Client,” received the book in the Middle East, where he and LaBeouf were shooting “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” There, they agreed to do it together.

4 Replies to “Paramount acquired movie rights to The Associate, Shia LeBeouf to play the title role”

  1. grisham fan says:

    Can’t wait. Very good book.

  2. jason d. says:

    Let’s hope that they do a rewrite of the ending in the screen play. How about Bennie is actually working for the same firm as Kyle in order to test his loyalty before they make him a partner.

  3. Saygue Toeque says:

    Hello to who ever this may concern i am an aspiring actor and i am very familiar with the associate. I was looking on and i was they were making a movie for the book months ago so since them i have been trying to reach out to anyone i can to audition for any role to get a shot at playing a character. I am independent so i don’t have a agent or any thing, just hoping someone can give me a shot. Thank you. God bless

  4. Kyle McAvoy says:

    It is so plain Bernie works for US Gov to get everything for less than both moron, greedy companies spend on lawsuit.

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