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The Associate partly based on Charlottesville court case

The Associate partly based on Charlottesville court case

John Grisham just released “The Associate” — a book that has some people in Charlottesville talking. Local readers may be catching on to Grisham’s latest book because it’s based on a Charlottesville court case that received national attention.

Although, the new book can be found in the fiction category there’s a part of the novel that’s very real for one former Charlottesville woman.

“As far as raising awareness, if something’s in a very commercial package its always good because people will pick it up as entertainment and be expanded or enlighten in the process. Then the issue of campus rape would then resonate,” said Liz Seccuro, Rape Survivor.

Seccuro says three men attacked her at a University of Virginia fraternity party back in 1984.

When a former UVa student, William Beebe wrote a letter in 2005 apologizing to Seccuro for harming her she went to authorities. Now Seccuro hopes readers will take something positive away from The Associate.

“I think that it teaches people that these things happen everyday,” said Seccuro.

Officials at the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) say this book can be a good message to anyone dealing with sexual assault.

“We do believe that people can heal, but it does often take a really long time and it’s different for each person…how it works… when it works. Everyone heals on their own timeline,” said Laurie Jean Seamen, SARA.

Seccuro says she has no negative feelings about Grisham’s latest book. She only hopes that it will make readers more aware about sexual violence.


  • February 5, 2009 at 11:18 AM Sherri

    Actually, the girl does not “say” three men attacked her. The police charged one. He went to prison. This article spins it like she imagined it.

    How is it that Grisham can profit from her being raped? Hope she was given a heads up. It was big of her to give a message of support. I don’t think I could do so.

    As for Duquesne, they should be mad, too. Seems he does not care who he hurts as long as he’s making cash.

  • February 5, 2009 at 10:45 PM chalkdust

    Enjoying The Associate. On pg 177 there is an name-error.
    Brother Murphy has been taking to Baxter Tate on pgs 175, 176.
    Ist paragraph pg 177 – Brother Manny issued the questions and absorbed the answer with such ease that after fifteen minutes together, KYLE felt…
    It should be BAXTER felt, not Kyle.

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