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John Grisham's reading habits

John Grisham reads about 4-5 newspapers a day, including the Washington Post. He especially appreciates the obituaries as he gets inspiration for stories and names (since they are dead, they can’t sue him, he joked). His first and only (and perhaps last, as he admitted he’s not a lover of hours of research and writing facts) non-fiction work, The Innocent Man, came as a result of an obituary he read.

Grisham supports changes to the criminal justice system

Novelist John Grisham, a former lawyer who has written extensively about the criminal justice system, said he favors three changes to reduce the chance of wrongful convictions: require police to videotape their interrogations in serious crimes, tighten up laws and police procedures in witness identification, and provide national certification for forensic experts.

Texas Rangers manager loves Grisham novels

If there has been one downside to what has been an otherwise improbably impressive year for Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, it came when best-selling author John Grisham was in Arlington for a game and Washington didn’t get to meet him. Because if there’s one thing Washington loves as much as baseball, it might just be Grisham novels.

"Ford County" to be released as a digital version?

No topic is more hotly debated in book circles at the moment than the timing, pricing and ultimate impact of e-books on the financial health of publishers and retailers. According to John Grisham’s agent, David Gernert, Mr. Grisham has not resolved how his publisher, Doubleday, should release a digital version of “Ford County,” a short story collection set for hardcover release on Nov. 3.

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