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  • September 17, 2009 at 2:52 PM johnjlent

    Dear Mr. Grisham:
    Read most of your books, still, after the ‘Appeal’ I thought, “No more John Grisham!” A promising plot, but synthetic characters that were either all bad or all good. Oh, the twist? The ghastly guy, as written, has never had a decent notion; he not only prevails, but increases his fortune whilst a poor town goes further down the dumper. If you had submitted this contrivance written under some unknown name they’d have tossed it back over the transom. It is only because I believe you are basically an honest man that I take the time/energy to express this criticism.
    OK, nonetheless, I took one more chance. No investment this time ($), since I obtained “The Associate” from the library…
    Again, another promising, entangled plot? Possibly, even if it began to ring like, “The Firm from Pelican Bay.”(Sigh)
    I read on…This time the characters seemed a bit more genuine, but aside from the (given) fictitious Bennie, we don’t even find out who the bad guys were! “The Associate” ends without even a hint of resolution! Hmm, Ok, but in the end protagonist Kyle’s days are gravely numbered, for if the baddies emanated from our ‘wicked’ government, he will be terminated, inasmuch as they don’t leave live bodies behind when they’ve already left a dead body who only might have interfered… If they were just plain criminals, they wouldn’t “terminate,” they would simply murder him and distribute his previously connected body parts to various locals, umm, for more or less for the same reasons…
    Ah, how about your allusion to “…a vague eastern European accent.” Same end results for our up till now, logically smart central character: terminated, murdered, kidnapped, tortured, shot, et al. (Multiple choices): choose two, max… But this foreign scenario would require at least 150 additional pages…You thought about it though, didn’t you…
    In the end my guess is that in a weak moment you signed a multiple book deal and wrote mainly to close out a contract. No? Sorry…
    Trying to figure out why an obviously intelligent, excellent writer would spray his talent into meaningless pulp…with his own name on it!
    Sound like anger? I suppose, but I (and too many others) have written some 120,000 word original novels albeit, clumsily, in say, Word. Yet I (and others) have deposited more creativity, ideas, twists, etc. in a 1,000 words than you have in your last two books!
    What’s the hitch? Too big an actual case load? Too many commencement speeches? Burnout or…reading too many emails? Nah, that can’t be it……. :))
    You have a valuable ability. A gift that you’ve also worked hard in refining…Next time why not write something of value?

    John (an anonymous one :))

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