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John Grisham's brother publishes a book

John Grisham's brother publishes a book

It took three years for David Donaldson and Mark Grisham — the younger brother of John Grisham — to finish their debut novel “Bedlam South,” which will hit bookstores worldwide on Oct. 7, 2008.

“Bedlam South,” a novel that begins and ends in an insane asylum during the Civil War, could be the saving grace for its novice authors as well as a Southaven charity.

Both Grisham and Donaldson have pledged that a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of their book will go to help Impact Missions, the organization that Donaldson oversees.

Recently, donations to the nonprofit that helps needy and neglected children and families dropped drastically as the effects of a slumping economy trickled down to charitable organizations.

Donaldson, Impact Mission’s president, recently had to ask local governments for extra funding to pay the bills for this month.

“Whatever success we have with this book, we want to help this dedicated charity,” Grisham said. “So, we want to get the word out about our book, because it is a blessing for us and so many others.”

They didn’t ask Mark’s big brother, John, whose best-selling novels have brought him international fame, for help.

“We could’ve taken that short cut and asked him for advice, but we were raised to paddle your own canoe,” said Mark Grisham, 47, who lives in the Nesbit area and whose company sells heavy construction equipment parts. “After we finished the book, I told John and he almost fell off his chair. He then read it and he gave us some helpful tips.

“He also told me he was glad we got it published without help from him because he wants us to get all the credit.”


  • September 3, 2008 at 9:29 AM Kathey Whitsett

    I can’t wait to read,“Bedlam South”.
    May God bless your adventures.

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