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John Grisham remembers Barry Hannah

John Grisham remembers Barry Hannah

When Barry Hannah died of a heart attack on March 1, he left behind a literary legacy that included eight novels and four short story collections.

For John Grisham, the first book-signing he ever attended was in 1988, for Hannah’s Hey Jack! Grisham, who will be speaking in Oxford for the Book Conference, recalls, “I discovered him through Airships, in law school, back when I wasn’t thinking about being a writer. He was always looking for the next outrageous character, outrageous scene, and he was never satisfied with the mundane, even stylistically. He was just fearless. There are very few people who can put together sentences and words like Barry Hannah.”

John Grisham will speak at the 17th Annual Oxford Conference for the Book, which is dedicated to Barry Hannah, on March 4, 2010 at 4 P.M..

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