John Grisham previews debate

Author and democrat activist John Grisham, from the presidential debate site in Oxford, Mississippi, told David Gregory on September 26 that although he’s a Democrat, he was not on Gregory’s show to endorse a candidate, but all he did say was that if Obama loses, it will have been because of racism, go figure. Here’s a famous left wing Democrat, Grisham, crying about supposed rampant racism in the U. S., but then he won’t endorse the candidate from his party who happens to be half black? Are you kidding me? I don’t think ol’ John thought that one through too well, better stick to the novel writing.

Of course, Grisham, a Hillary supporter, and probably concerned about Obama’s ties in the islamic world, telegraphed that he’ll be voting for McCain rather than Obama, otherwise, he could be chalked up as just another of the millions of american racists which he says could decide the election, when in reality, Americans are concerned about Obama’s solicialist islam appeasing political philosophy and disturbing ties in the islamic world, not that he’s half black, which is no big deal.

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  1. Sam says:

    I always loved your work, I read all your books. But who the hell are you to call me a racist? I am not a white nor black. And I will not vote for Obama bse I strongly oppose his policies (or lack of it) and his crooked world view. I will not vote for him bse I believe he is an empty suit with great oratory skills. I wont vote for him, not bse he is black!! And I dont want you to tell me that I am a racist if I dont vote for Obama.

  2. Ifeanyi says:

    Sam, of course you are a pure racist,whether brown or green,how many of Obama’s policies have you read and understood. No matter what are, if u don’t have anything to say about Obama, let him be, he is America’s next president.

  3. u’re the only author whose books are phenomenal are whose adaptations are just as great. that’s rare! wonderful commentary on the debate. looking forward to the final one tonight.

    please get a twitter account so that your fans can keep up with u and ur work.

    im working on a legal thriller of my own and absolutely adore your work. cant wait for your next thriller. thx! the shoparazzi

  4. Ann says:

    Well, IF Obama wins, I think Americans can expect to have more terrorist situations on their own homefront. Obama has NO real backbone, NO experience, NO strong normal family background, NO strong religious beliefs (which make him sympathetic to Islamic belief which would like to destroy this country). I believe he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ve heard others call him “Just another half-breed bastard born in America.”
    Fate will decide this election, and may Heaven help us all.

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