NBC on May 22, 2007.

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John Grisham on NBC's Dateline this May

John Grisham on NBC's Dateline this May

John Grisham will be discussing his first work of non-fiction, The Innocent Man on Dateline NBC on May 22, 2007.

This is what the critics and legal professionals across the country have said about The Innocent Man:

“Even though I do this sort of legal work for a living, and a consequence, am often not stirred by such stories (another day at the office for me), I could not put this book down. It moved me to tears. I believe it will not only be embraced by the general public, but will be used for years to come in the academic setting. It will have a tremendous impact on the American criminal justice system, and will help cause reforms that we in the Innocence Project have been pushing for years.”
—Mark Godsey, Law professor and current director of the Ohio Innocence Project

“I’ve been a public defender for over 10 years and know the aspects of our small town system pretty well. With Mr. Grisham’s book, I find myself rededicated to serving my indigent clients with even more attention and compassion.”
—Robert J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, Dixon, Illinois

“I thought I had seen just about every example of injustice that a trial attorney could witness, but what happened to the individuals in this book has surpassed my wildest imagination of investigative and prosecutorial abuse.”
—Mario Conte, Distinguished Practitioner, California Western School of Law, San Diego, California

“Mr. Grisham has captured the climate of retribution and prejudice which is rampant is small town America. I hope that this book is read by every prosecutor so they can better understand the consequences of a rush to judgment.”
—Robert Hirth, Chief Defense Attorney, Madera Alternate Defense

“I hope the book opens more people’s eyes to the fact that innocent people are being convicted, and by sentencing them to death, you may be killing someone who is actually innocent.”
—James R. Mowbray, Chief Counsel, Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy

“I finished the book over the weekend and found this to be one of those true stories that you would insist could never happen, but does.”
—James S. Purdy, Public Defender, Seventh Judicial Circuit of Florida

“Grisham has written both an American tragedy and his strongest legal thriller yet, all the more gripping because it happens to be true.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“A gritty, harrowing true-crime story.”

??“Skillfully told…an important book.”_
—Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Suspenseful and fast paced…a page-turning and chilling descent into one innocent man’s Kafkaesque nightmare of injustice and madness.”
—The Boston Globe

“Reminds us of the fragile nature of liberty and of the need to steadfastly defend it.”
—The Oregonian (Portland)

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