John Grisham is featured panelist at the U.Va. Law School Conference

On Friday and Saturday, January 30-31, the University of Virginia School of Law will host its 10th annual Conference on Public Service and the Law.

This year’s conference theme is “Be Not the Bystander,” and will feature many high-profile speakers.

The conference will feature several panels on diverse issues in the area of law and public service. One panel will feature author John Grisham and Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins discussing a growing trend of post-conviction exonerations based on DNA evidence.

More information on the conference is available at

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  1. Strategizer says:

    I applaud the overturned convictions based on DNA. Putting an innocent man to death is a tragedy. However, I find a bit of irony in people who use this as a reason to overturn the death penalty. The irony is that DNA shows how the PAST methods were flawed. However, by its own existence, it has made the current convictions even more solid.

    On a side note, we need to fight for more or better compensation for those released.

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