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John Grisham: I have no shortage of book ideas

John Grisham: I have no shortage of book ideas

Best-selling US author John Grisham, whose books have sold over 250 million copies according to his publisher Doubleday, says he has no fear of running out of ideas for new novels.

“I have written 21 books in 20 years, all of them big bestsellers, and at no moment have I lacked ideas,” the 53-year-old said in an interview published Sunday in top-selling Spanish daily newspaper El Pais.

“I will worry about that the day that I run out of ideas. Then I will stop, but at the moment it does not seem like there is any risk of that,” he added.

His latest book, “The Appeal,” tells the story of a huge chemical company that loses a multi-million dollar lawsuit for causing cancer deaths and then essentially tries to buy an election for the state Supreme Court where the appeal will be heard.

“It is the most openly political book I have written,” he said. “I probe deeply a topic which has not been sufficiently explored, which is the world of judicial elections in the United States, a burning issue in my country.”

Among his other books are the million-selling legal thrillers “The Firm”, “The Rainmaker” or “The Pelican Brief.”

These and others have been adapted into blockbuster movies starring such Hollywood heavyweights as Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, Matt Damon and Danny DeVito.


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