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John Grisham can't get used to his e-book reader

John Grisham can't get used to his e-book reader

John Grisham calls himself a “low tech” guy.

He has an e-book reader that’s “wonderful” — but he can’t get used to reading on it. For his novels, he tries not to bore the reader with too much scientific or legal jargon. He’s not even terribly interested in getting inside a character’s gray matter.

“I’m not real good at developing characters,” he says. “I just tell stories.”

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  • May 17, 2009 at 8:06 AM Bryce

    I wouldn’t worry about the ebook thing so much. Even as the “GEEK” that I am, I much prefer the harback and paper reading to an electronic book. Sure, you can carry several novels around with an ebook device but how many can you read at one time? ONE!

    Thanks for the great stories and keep ‘em coming Mr. Grisham!


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