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Grisham's next book will focus on the election of state Supreme Court judges

Grisham's next book will focus on the election of state Supreme Court judges

Four days before John Grisham’s book “Playing for Pizza” was released, he sent his next book to editors. The snag? The final page is written, but it doesn’t have a name.

Grisham, whose book “Playing for Pizza” focuses on a fictional football player from Iowa, laughed about the lack of a title for his next legal thriller.

“I’d love to give you a great title. We don’t have one yet,” Grisham said in an interview to Des Moines Register. “Usually when you get to this point in the process and you don’t have a title, you’re in bad shape.”

Grisham said the fictional book, set in Mississippi and scheduled for a January release, will focus on the election of state Supreme Court judges.

“It’s a real political hotbed issue right now,” Grisham said. “And these races have become just rotten with special-interest groups, cash and judges taking huge campaign donations from lawyers and parties with cases pending before the court.

“It’s turned into a terrible system, and I hope to bring some attention to that issue.”

Grisham said finishing a book without having a title happens “about half the time.”

The best-seller “The Innocent Man” lacked a name until the last possible moment, he said. “I actually had to go to New York, and we kind of locked the door with my editor and publisher and on the very last possible day, we said, ‘We can’t leave here until we have a title,’ “ Grisham said. “And so we just picked the least-offensive title we could find.

“And that was ‘The Innocent Man.’ “

Source: Des Moines Register


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