Grisham's latest novel upsets Duquesne University

Officials at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are upset the school is mentioned in connection with a fictional gang rape by fraternity brothers in John Grisham’s latest novel.

Grisham’s “The Associate” deals with a character who attended the private Catholic college and was involved in a drunken group sex event in an off-campus apartment in 2003.

Duquesne University spokeswoman Rose Ravasio says it’s unfortunate Grisham “chose to use our name and associate it with a fictional incident of this nature.”

Grisham said he chose the school because he saw it once, and has been to Pittsburgh for Steelers and Pirates games. The novel contains several other references to Pittsburgh.

7 Replies to “Grisham's latest novel upsets Duquesne University”

  1. joan volpe says:

    Mr. Grisham tells us he visited Duquesne once and he also liked the Steelers and the Pirates. He then writes his violent story about Duquesne. Most authors would create a fictional name for a school, but I guess he considers himselfnot to be most writers. DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY IS A REAL PLACE, A SCHOOL WITH REAL STUDENTS. So who is your REAL beef with, Mr. Grisham?- The Church or the Brothers of the Holy Spirit. You are done in my book. I will Never read another word you write!!

  2. shawna smith says:

    Ditto to the previous blog. I consider Mr Grisham’s attitude and comments extremely arrogant. His flippant attitude about his use of a wonderful institution is repulsive. And the worst part is that we all know he could not care less, how sad someone gets that famous he does not care who he hurts. He will make his money though.

  3. Rohann says:

    Absolutely. You visit a school once and it becomes a setting in your novel where a violent rape takes place and you couldn’t care less, actually.

    Anyway, I’ve always been a fan. I’ll try to ignore this particular incident but please try not to do it again.

  4. Suzanne says:

    It’s only a story…get over it Duquesne.

  5. joan maganto says:

    pls send me a message if thier is new book of john grisham..thanx a lot.

  6. bob scott says:

    I was upset with how THE APPEAL ended with evil winning over good. There were several ways Mr. Grisham could have ended his book but didn’t. True, he is prize winning writer and I am not someone that should question his work. So for my own household, personal peace of mind…I reworked the ending before my daughter read the book. My writings simply says to insert at page number so&so right after so&so. It left no doubt at all that evil cannot win all the time!

  7. Louise Murray says:

    i personally love all John Grishams works and find them to be written with great insight,enthralling,thrilling and unputdownable if there is such a word!As for evil winning over good in THE APPEAL it happens all the time in real life and provides much food for thought.When I read John Grishams books I am happily transported from a more mundane life to an exciting place full of intrigue and twists.If I wanted happy endings all the time I would be reading Hans Christien Andersen!Keep them coming.

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