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Grisham starts on 22nd book

Grisham starts on 22nd book

Author John Grisham joked on February 13 that he’d never get elected again to the Mississippi Legislature.

Grisham served seven years as a representative from Southaven before becoming one of America’s best-selling authors.

In a gathering at The Clarion-Ledger, he said voters would frown now on his politics, which includes opposition to the death penalty.

Jackson is his last stop on his book tour (which mainly includes the bookstores that supported his original book, A Time to Kill).

He said he’ll soon start working on his 22nd book.

Although he didn’t share the subject matter, Grisham said he’ll be done with his new book in time for it to be released January 2009.

He talked of his life writing books and said to this day, his family marks time in “B.F.” and “A.F.” – before The Firm and after The Firm.

Hollywood turned that 1991 best-selling book – which Grisham started writing during his days at the Mississippi Legislature – into a blockbuster movie, and Grisham became a household name.

Since then he’s written a book a year, and Grisham said he has no intentions of taking a year off at this point.

He said he works about six months out of the year. And during those months, he works about five or six hours a day, he said.

He said he had no idea that a judicial bribery scandal would begin to unfold just a month after he finished his latest book, The Appeal, which focuses on how a shady CEO sets out to buy a judicial election.

So far, The Appeal has won good reviews – something that’s concerned Grisham because, he said, “I generally don’t have good reviews and good sales.”

The Appeal is bucking that trend for now. It’s No. 1 on The New York Times Bestseller List.

Source: ClarionLedger.com


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