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Grisham joined Clinton in Meridian

Grisham joined Clinton in Meridian

John Grisham joined President Bill Clinton on Saturday, March 8 at a “Solutions for America” event in Meridian, Miss.

Clinton’s visit in the Queen City was the final stop for the former president in Mississippi Saturday. Clinton hosted a fish fry in Tupelo Friday night and was attending four events Saturday.

The relationship between Bill Clinton and John Grisham goes back to 1992 when Clinton was first elected to the White House. Between the two, a story was told Saturday night about a letter written to the President claiming that they were 13th or 14th cousins.

The friendship that began soon after turned into campaign help. Grisham and his wife Renee have spent time on the campaign trail stumping for votes for Senator Clinton in Texas, South Carolina, and now the Magnolia State.

In what has turned into an unusually long campaign for the Clinton’s, Grisham and his wife also plan to head to Pennsylvania at a later date asking for support for the former First Lady.

Grisham said that he is excited to campaign for Hillary Clinton and another exciting aspect is that his home state now matters in the primary, something that hasn’t happened in several decades.


  • March 22, 2008 at 10:16 PM Ms Sandra

    I’ve been troubled by what I am hearing regarding the ‘re-vote’ in Michigan and Florida. I want to say that if the DNC allows the Michigan and Florida people to have a re-vote and that in turn gets Clinton the nomination, I won’t vote democrat. I’m a 62 year old woman and have voted Democrat all my voting life, but I won‘t vote for Clintons (plural as in Billary). Clinton/s has waged an ugly (old type) campaign and if the DNC is not capable (as in NO “cajones“) to stand up to Ms. Clinton/s and tell her that ’rules are rules’…well the dems have a problem. I will do what is right. I will ask any person who has the ability to go on U-Tube, My Space, etc. to post this message. “The DNC didn’t stand up to the Clinton/s (plural as in Billary), so now Clinton/s is our nominee. I say “don’t vote for McCain ’100 Year War Man’, don’t stay at home…vote for Ralph Nader.” Vote for Ralph Nader…if Billary is our nominee.
    Comments to the DNC 3/22/8

    P.S. Mr. Grisham you must like crybabies – Clinton cried (fake) to the NH voters, you must like ugly – Clinton deals an ‘ugly’ campaign.

    You must like double talk – that is what Billary does.

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