Grisham hosted Hillary Clinton's fundraiser

Well-known author and Democratic Party supporter John Grisham, an Albemarle County resident, teamed with Democrat Hillary Clinton to raise money for her front-running presidential campaign today.

The two appeared before a crowd of about 1,000 people at a restored Charlottesville movie theater. Grisham, who moderated the event, played to the crowd with a warm, affable demeanor, saying as he came onstage to raucous applause: “I am not running, so knock it off.”

Grisham’s conversation with Clinton on the stage at the Paramount ranged from questions about the environment to the reasons she has long rooted for both the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees, which she said “really gave me a psychic balance” as the Cubs were perennial losers and the Yankees usually won.

Clinton joked with Grisham often during the hour-long event, sparring over baseball team loyalties they do not share – as he is a St. Louis Cardinals fan who delights in the annual demise of the Cubs – and joshing about potential appointments at the ambassadorial level.

After he asked about appointments, she said she might put him on a list of potential ambassadors to Paris or Rome, but implied strongly that his inability to speak French might keep him from the top of the list of candidates for ambassador to France. Grisham said that was “a very polite ‘No,’ and that’s OK, because I really don’t want to leave Charlottesville.”

During the event, Clinton said her campaign will not concede traditional Republican strongholds like Virginia in the election and President Bush’s ebbing popularity gives Democrats more reason than ever to feel that way.

Grisham said in an interview after the event that it raised $200,000 for Clinton’s presidential campaign and that his role as host was “beyond an endorsement.” According to Grisham, the event matched a fundraiser that he, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and Stephen King put on at the same theater last Sept. 24 for Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Webb, who last Nov. 7 defeated incumbent Sen. George Allen by about 10,000 votes.

Grisham, an Albemarle County author and member of the Mississippi House of Representatives from 1983 to 1990, also told the crowd that Charlottesville must be important because Obama is coming for a fundraiser in just more than a month. Plans for an Oct. 29 fundraiser have not been formally announced by Obama’s campaign but were leaked in an e-mail by the campaign’s finance committee.

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6 Replies to “Grisham hosted Hillary Clinton's fundraiser”

  1. Vaughn Teegarden says:

    I used to enjoy John’s books, but his Communist leanings leave me with no choice. I can no longer support him by buying or reading his books. Hillary?…Really?

  2. Catherine Jacocks says:

    He likes Hillary because she has read his books??? So have I and millions of other Americans. I thought he was a true, decent son of the south. He actually wants to sit with Bill? Will he make sure Bill keeps his fly zippered? I will not be reading anymore Grisham. Does fame and fortune make everyone a liberal?

  3. T. WALKER says:

    I too am suprised at Mr. Grishams liberal persuasions. I certainly will re-think my novel reading preferences. I enjoyed his law thrillers more.

  4. Nonette Lewington says:

    His opinions / political agenda is not why I buy his well executed novels, they are all reading pleasures for me

  5. Marco says:

    I think it’s great that Grisham wants to support the first woman for President. Good to see a man who knows that real men are not intimidated by strong women!

  6. David says:

    wow. you guys are stupid. 1st, i’m pretty sure John Grisham is not a communist. Just because he’s a democrat doesn’t make him a communist. 2nd, you can’t condemn someone just because of their political leanings. that’s ignorant and sophomoric. 3rd, he’s RELATED to Bill Clinton. if he can’t sit with Bill, you can’t sit with your cousins. it’s the same thing. 4th, there’s nothing wrong with being liberal. i used to be a hard-core republican. then, two things happened. i listened to Sarah Palin speak. this should be self-explanitory. (if you disagree, you should get your head looked at) second, i realized how discriminatory conservatives are. there’s nothing wrong with being gay, trying to make the planet last a little bit longer, or not wanting to go to war. you guys need to open your eyes.

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