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''Disney Opus'' will include John Grisham's thoughts

''Disney Opus'' will include John Grisham's thoughts

1,000 previously unpublished images will be included in Disney Opus, a 900-page book created by Kraken Opus to be published in October next year.

The book will include the first drawing of Mickey Mouse and Minnie together – in their debut film, Steamboat Willie, in 1928.

Wendy Lefkon, editorial director of Disney Publishing, said: “This book is going to be a real treasure trove. A lot of the material dates back to before Walt Disney was even started and goes back to Walt Disney’s childhood. The opus allows us to dig a little deeper into the archives and allow pictures and drawings to be shown that have never been published before.”

She said that famous names from the world of music, literature and entertainment would be writing for the opus, giving their own take on what Disney meant to them. “So far contributors include Elton John, John Grisham, Eddie Murphy and David Bowie. We have given them all a blank page and let them do what they want. It will be very individual.”

There will be two editions of the opus – one version priced at $3,000 (£1,500) and a special edition listed at $7,000 to $8,000.

Source: Times Online


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