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Skipping Christmas Review

by Nandini Pandya Skipping Christmas starts with a very promising and original premise: Do we have to spend huge gobs of money and drive ourselves crazy each year in the name of the “Holidays?” Luther Krank, an accountant by profession, thinks he has the answer. And it is a loud and resounding “No.” He is...

The Pelican Brief Interview

with John Grisham by Ellen Kanner According to John Grisham, author of the runaway best seller The Firm and the newly released thriller, The Pelican Brief, his best material comes from his background in law. Attorneys see a lot of things that are hard to believe. Everyone who walked through my office door had a...

The Summons Review

by Amy Coffin The Summons marks John Grisham’s return to the wonderful world of law after a brief nostalgic stint in A Painted House. The summons in question is not a legal document. The honorable and terminally ill Judge Reuben Atlee asked his semi-estranged sons to return to their Mississippi childhood home to discuss the...

The Street Lawyer Review

by Ami Coffin In a matter of seconds, Michael Brock’s life changes forever. One moment he is riding the elevator up to his plush office in Drake & Sweeney, a high-power DC law firm. The next second, he is in a conference room with several other colleagues. All are being held hostage by a homeless...

The Brethren Review

by Amy Coffin It was the perfect crime. Three crooked judges were doing time in a federal prison. They called themselves The Brethren and unofficially handled inmate disputes within the fences. They needed to earn some income for their eventual release so they began placing tiny ads in the back of magazines: SWM in 20’s...

A Painted House Review

by Amy Coffin Don’t say you weren’t warned. A Painted House contains no lawyers, no judges, not even a single courtroom battle. John Grisham himself even admitted the fact in an open letter published on the Doubleday website. Fans of the best-selling author have grown accustomed to his legal nail biters, so it’s no surprise...

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