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How Are People Preserving Their Books?

How Are People Preserving Their Books?

Books are appealing to have but it does not take much for some books to ...
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What Lawyers Have Since Become Authors?

What Lawyers Have Since Become Authors?

Lawyers are often known for being some of the seediest people around. Many of them ...
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Points For Adult Writers To See When Writing Books for Kids

Points For Adult Writers To See When Writing Books for Kids

Many adult writers have stretched their skills into writing books for children. John Grisham has ...
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How Are People Preserving Their Books?

How Are People Preserving Their Books?

Books are appealing to have but it does not take much for some books to wear out. This is especially the case with many antique books. There is a strong need to ensure that the right preservation procedures are used when getting different books to look their best and to stay readable for years to come no matter how big or small the book might be.

Heat Is An Issue

It is often easier for books to wear out if they are in hot conditions. This is especially the case with old leather-bound books. Those books tend to have compounds that will wear out rather quickly and not stay intact for too long. If you preserve your books with keeping them out of hot areas then you can ensure that the pages will not become yellow and that oils in any leather compounds will not dry out.

Keep the Light Out

On a related note, it is easy for the contents of books to interact with light. That is, light can cause some fatigue on the surface of any book. Keeping a book out of the light is always important to do when preserving it.

Why Leaning Books Never Works

People often keep their books secure in any way they can but some of them will have to get some of those books to lean in a certain direction. This is never a good idea as it causes more pressure to go on the sides of the book, causing it to develop fatigue over time. If you lean your books in a straight manner then they will not be at risk of being damaged.

Placing them flat on a surface always helps too. Just make sure that the heaviest books are always being placed on the bottom of a pile before starting it up.

Outside Materials Never Help

People can preserve their books by simply ensuring that they are stored properly. In addition, they have to avoid using outside materials that they often think might be of use to a book but will actually cause some damages if used improperly. For instance, some people like to use paper clips to secure spaces in books or rubber bands to keep books together. Those are going to add more pressure to the book and should always be avoided carefully so the book will not be hurt by any outside materials.

The problem with such outside materials is that they can leave scuff marks on books and make them suffer from too much pressure. These can be real problems that will create a significant hassle for anyone to deal with. Making sure that a book is treated properly and is not exposed to lots of pressure is always an important thing for all to work with.

You can preserve your books if you take a careful look at what you want to do with them. Remember that your books are more than just fine things to read. They are also productions that can be treasured for years to come. Preserving them the right way is critical to ensuring that you can have them for a long time to come.

What Lawyers Have Since Become Authors?

What Lawyers Have Since Become Authors?

Lawyers are often known for being some of the seediest people around. Many of them chase ambulances and others will use shady practices in order to get their way. However, lawyers can also uphold the law and protect the rights of people – if they want to, that is.

Lawyers have also been known to be very productive when it comes to literature. In fact, you might be amazed at how many people who are popular authors these days used to be lawyers. These include a number of fine authors who have used their experiences in the field of law to their advantage as they use it all to help them work their understandings of how the world works into their literature.

Scott Turow

Known for books like Pleading Guilty and Presumed Innocent, Scott Turow continues to be a practicing lawyer who has a full understanding of the law. However, it is his book One L that truly makes him stand out. This book is about the first year he spent while at law school. It truly gives off a good look at how studies in the world of law really work and what people do in order to succeed in this challenging field.

Erle Stanley Gardner

The late Erle Stanley Gardner may be the most noteworthy explore on this list. He created the famed characters of Perry Mason, Donald Lam and Bertha Cool. Mason was noteworthy for being a former lawyer who became a detective and used his knowledge of the law to find criminals.

Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner was a lawyer and even a writing instructor before moving on to writing thrillers. Today she is best known as the creator of the Evan Delaney series of novels including China Lake and Jericho Point.

Henry Fielding

Many people know Henry Fielding for writing the History of Tom Jones but he was also a lawyer in the eighteenth century. He was especially supportive of the development of judicial reform and the standardization of conditions in prisons around Great Britain. He also helped to found the Bow Street Runners, an organization that made up London’s first real police force.

John Mortimer

Known for defending Virgin Records’ right to free speech over a high-profile obscenity case, John Mortimer also created the Rumpole of the Bailey character. He used his experiences in the courtroom and his knowledge of how the legal system works to his advantage when bringing this challenging field to life for all to discover.

Josh Grisham

Naturally, no list of lawyers who became authors is truly complete with John Grisham. The author of such books as the Firm and the Pelican Brief, his work has brought people closer into the worlds of law and politics alike to show how these two radically different worlds really do converge with one another.

Lawyers who have become authors are interesting to discover. These are people who have done some work in a very serious field but have chosen to take that experience into something more than just working the traditional legal grind. They are people who want to share their knowledge and their ideas with the entire world.

Points For Adult Writers To See When Writing Books for Kids

Points For Adult Writers To See When Writing Books for Kids

Many adult writers have stretched their skills into writing books for children. John Grisham has particularly done this with his Theodore Boone series of books. He created these books not so much to entertain kids but to also get them to learn a little bit about how the law works and what it all entails.

Of course, some people write books for kids because they know that they will get paid quite a bit. The childrens’ literature world is very vast and many parents buy books for their kids to entertain them.

Naturally, some people think that it would be easier to write a book for kids. After all, if a non-professional writer like baseball pitcher R.A. Dickey can write a book for kids then it can’t be hard for anyone to do it, right?

The fact is that there are many points that all adult writers have to follow if they are going to write books for kids. These are pointers that show that there’s a strong need to understand what to do when writing for such an audience as this.

Don’t Talk Down

The most important thing for any adult writer to do is to avoid talking down to kids. It helps to write in a language that is easy to understand but if the writer keeps on having to explain everything the that person will be treating the audience like a bunch of fools. As a result, that writer will struggle with trying to get one’s work to be taken seriously be anyone.

Allow For Some Flourishes

It never hurts to have a story that features some appealing flourishes. That is, a story can include details that are fantastic and unique but will always be down to earth in some way.

Meanwhile, it helps to add flourishes when describing things. A writer cannot just go and write down information on what happens. The writer has to be more expressive of what is happening.

Establish a Unique World

It always helps to create a world that characters might live in. Kids enjoy reading stories about unique places that are different from what they are used to. Writers can take a cue from many fictional authors and think about creating environments where there are not only plenty of kids and adults but also people who meet particular roles whether they be a comical character or someone who really knows one’s way around the world. It really is not all that hard to do if done properly.

Understand the Age Group

The most important thing to do is to ensure that the subject matter is sensible for the age group. This includes making sure that children are fully aware of what is happening without anything going over anyone’s head. Again, making sure that the writer does not talk down at any time is still important to consider.

These are sensible points that all adult writers have to use if they want to write books for kids. It will not be too hard for anyone to write such books if they understand what they have to do when writing for an audience that is very different from what one is normally used to.

YouTube Is a Great Place For Book Reviews


Book reviews have always been important for people to read before they invest so much time in some books. Places like the New York Times have long been heralded for offering book reviews. Today the world of reviewing this medium has evolved to the point where YouTube is being utilized for many needs.

YouTube is being used by many different outlets to help highlight all sorts of fine books. Book reviews on YouTube can showcase a myriad of different features for all to explore. They give the viewer a better idea of what one might find when taking a look at what is in such a fine book.

Reviews Showcase Different Points In Books

YouTube books review can place an emphasis on many interesting things in books. They can include pieces of art to go with these reviews to place a better focus on some factors, for instance. They can even come with different voices for varying parts and excerpts of a book to make for something that is all the more unique.

A Round Table Is Open

Some people who want to get YouTube views for their book reviews will incorporate many people talking about the same work of literature because a good debate can always get YouTube views. The round table discussion format entails many people talking about one topic. In particular, a book review that uses the round table style will give many people the opportunity to discuss what they did and did not like in certain books.

This can give people good ideas on everything that is covered in a book as it offers many perspectives. Naturally, a party that sets up such a video will have to be careful as to keep from giving away too many details in a book.

Interviews Are Also Available

Interviews can also be highlighted in some of these reviews as they are posted on YouTube. These interviews are typically done with the author and can allow that writer to explain one’s desire to write the book and what it means to that person. Interviews can really be interesting and fine for all to have if they are used the right way as they can sometimes really probe into the subject and get some answers that one might have never expected to find in such a video. This is a really fascinating part of the topic when all is said and done.

Sometimes an expert may be interviewed as well. For instance, if there is a book about some aspect of the history of baseball then the video may include an interview with someone who has been studying baseball’s extensive history. This can give out an expert opinion about the book as it will come from someone who is familiar with the topic covered in a book.

YouTube really can be a great place to find book reviews in. This website will give people access to details about many books that they have always wanted to read and can really be important for those who want to explore different things about the world of literature.